Halcyon Mono Font Family Full (16 font) [Download Now]

Halcyon Mono Font Family

Halcyon is a geometric typeface made up of 16 fonts over 8 weights. Each weight contains a vertical style with a corresponding italic letter. Halcyon's design builds on the foundations of classic typefaces such as Futura, Gill Sans and ITC Avant Garde, by blending their geometric structure with properties to create a more modern font style.

The versatility of its properties makes Halcyon a reliable choice for any design decision. With a variety of weights and a wide range of Opentype features, Halcyon can be adjusted to fit your designs.

Halcyon is a multilingual font set with hundreds of accented characters and allows characters to be customizable through diacritic combinations. All European languages, along with many others in the Latin alphabet.

Please note that Halcyon Mono Font is for personal use only and No Commercial use Allowed! If you want to use this font for Commercial use, you need to purchase a Commercial license here.



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